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Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek Profile: Felechia Justice

The Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek (CCPC) is fortunate that Felechia Justice and her husband, Jeff, moved to PebbleCreek from Oregon in 2018. Felechia brought technical skills, and working with Ann Economou and Sherry Guthrie created the Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek website. She also does the layout work for the Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek newsletter. We are very grateful to them all!

Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek Profile: Felechia Justice

Felechia and Jeff rented a home in PebbleCreek for two years before deciding to buy a home. One of the determining factors for Felechia was the Center for Creative Arts (CAC) and the ceramics club. Jeff retired and Felechia closed her events business. Although she is still doing some work for one client, she has been trying to retire.PebbleCreek Ceramics Club in Goodyear for active adult living

Felechia started coming to the ceramics room regularly in 2020. She remembers her mother doing ceramics when she was a child and had done a little as an adult prior to coming to PebbleCreek. Felechia got to know the “Thursday Ladies” and relishes engaging with them weekly. Felechia also paints ceramics at home where she can leave her work set up and ready to work on when she finds a few minutes. She likes finding ideas to use on ceramics pieces and watching them come together. She uses several different ceramics techniques, but still favors the painting technique best. Felechia keeps many pieces but she also gives some to friends and relatives. She recently finished dry brushing a rooster, which was commissioned by a friend. Not a fan of gnomes at first, she has grown to like them and one of her favorite pieces is a fall plate that has one gnome holding a pumpkin spice latte. One of her favorite projects is a unicorn with Mother-of-Pearl paint over it. She made this for her granddaughter.

Felechia also helps the Pickleball Club with her technical skills. During the pandemic, she rekindled her love of baking. She read that if you freeze cookie dough first, the cookies rise a little higher. She has not tried this yet but plans to. Felechia considers herself “very lucky to be married to the most wonderful man and best friend.”

Written by: Ardell Roberts

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