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Robson Ranch Texas Ladies' Night at the Woodshop

Robson Ranch Texas Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop

The Robson Ranch Texas Woodworkers Club offers Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop, a place that empowers women to explore woodworking in a supportive community. This inspiring story explores Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop’s journey, from overcoming initial skepticism to becoming a thriving space.

From Skepticism to Success

When Joey Misiaszek introduced Ladies’ Night, the concept was to create a dedicated evening for women to explore woodworking in a supportive environment. While some in the Woodshop community were unsure, Joey’s unwavering dedication shone through. He took the lead as the first monitor, guiding sessions and encouraging women to participate.

The Power of Mentorship and Community

As Ladies’ Night gained traction, Joey recognized the need for a female monitor. Enter Betty Ferguson, a passionate woodworker who became instrumental in the event’s growth. Under Betty’s enthusiastic leadership, Ladies’ Night flourished. It provided a warm and welcoming space for women to develop their woodworking skills and connect with each other. Her contributions were so remarkable that she was later named Woodworker of the Year!

Joey remained a pillar of support, sharing his expertise during visits. When Betty relocated, the baton passed to Jo Bostwick, another dedicated woodworker. Jo took the role to heart, not only monitoring but also expanding the educational aspect by teaching various woodworking techniques. Her commitment ensured the smooth running of sessions for several years until other obligations took precedence.

Overcoming Challenges and Continuing the Tradition

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many activities to pause, and Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop was no exception. But Joey’s unwavering spirit wouldn’t be deterred. As things stabilized, he found another champion in Kelly Kay. Kelly’s hands-on approach brought a new dimension, including workshops on using various sanders in the shop.

Eventually, Kelly had to step back, but the legacy has continued. The baton was passed to a fantastic team: Lorraine Wilson, Maria Rudolph, and Teresa Capps-McGill. They now share monitoring duties, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Today, Robson Ranch Texas Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop thrives on Monday evenings, offering a dedicated space for women to develop their woodworking skills, share knowledge, and build a strong sense of camaraderie. The commitment of Joey Misiaszek, along with the dedicated monitors – Betty Ferguson, Jo Bostwick, Kelly Kay, Lorraine Wilson, Maria Rudolph, and Teresa Capps-McGill – has made Ladies’ Night an essential part of the Woodshop’s culture.

This inspiring story is a testament to the power of perseverance, mentorship, and community. It highlights the importance of creating welcoming spaces where women can feel empowered to explore their creativity and build something amazing.

Join us for Robson Ranch Texas Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop

If you’re interested in joining in, Ladies’ Night at the Woodshop welcomes you with open arms. Come and experience the joy of woodworking in a supportive and empowering environment.

Contributions by Lorraine Wilson

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