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Robson Ranch Texas Wood Shop Meets the Challenge

Wood Shop at Robson Ranch Texas Meets the Challenge

Robson Ranch Texas Woodworker's club members Frank Hunter and Greg Kohn with the golf rack they made for the Pro Shop
Frank Hunter and Greg Kohn with the golf rack they made for the Pro Shop

With the help of Robson Ranch Texas Wood Shop Club member Wayne Caudill, the Robson Ranch Pro Shop proposed a unique project to the Wood Shop: creating a custom-made golf rack. This endeavor involved pricing out the cost, finding willing woodworkers, and selecting suitable materials. Ultimately, two skilled artisans, Frank Hunter and Greg Kohn, rose to the challenge, and their collaboration brought the project to life.

Selecting the Ideal Wood

The first crucial decision in the project was choosing the right wood. The selected wood needed to be both robust enough to hold 80 golf clubs and capable of producing an aesthetically pleasing golf rack. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Wood Shop settled on red oak as the ideal material.

Preparing the Wood and Piecing it All Together

Working with rough-cut boards stocked in the Wood Shop, the woodworkers had to meticulously prepare each piece. This involved jointing, planing, cutting to precise specifications, and thorough sanding to create smooth surfaces ready for assembly.

Assembling the golf rack was daunting due to the numerous separate pieces requiring support while the glue dried. Thankfully, other Wood Shop members came to the rescue, providing the extra hands needed to keep everything in place. Teamwork prevailed, and progress was steady.

With the pieces securely assembled, the next step involved sanding the entire golf rack diligently. This step was carried out piece by piece, section by section, until the red oak exuded a velvety smoothness. To add a touch of elegance, a dark stain was applied to the wood, providing a beautiful finish.

Result: The Final Product

After weeks of labor, perseverance, and dedication, the custom golf rack finally stood tall and complete. Its measurements were 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 5 feet high, making it a spacious and impressive display capable of holding 80 golf clubs. The Pro Shop was now ready to showcase this exceptional creation.

A Showcase of Woodworking Talent

At Robson Ranch’s Wood Shop, skilled woodworkers undertake diverse projects for individuals, organizations, and fundraisers. Notably, Frank Hunter and Greg Kohn excel in crafting and furniture repair services for residents, collaborating with John Maltby on various projects, including chair repairs at the Wildhorse Grill and fulfilling unique resident requests.

The golf rack project was a testament to the talent and camaraderie of the Wood Shop members. Moreover, the successful creation of the custom golf rack showcased the team’s craftsmanship, dedication, and ability to bring visions to life in wood. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of woodworking or furniture repair services, don’t hesitate to seek out these skilled artisans at the Wood Shop at Robson Ranch Texas.

With contributions by Lorraine Wilson

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