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How PebbleCreek LifeLong Learning spent their Summer

Lifelong Learning: Where Learning Meets Adventure at PebbleCreek

In the vibrant 55+ community of PebbleCreek, learning meets adventure! Through LifeLong Learning (LLL) residents have a unique opportunity to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery. This dedicated organization is all about stimulating your mind, introducing you to new subjects, and taking you on thrilling journeys through lectures, classes, trips, and special programs.

Diving into Lifelong Learning

Moreover, LLL at PebbleCreek is like a treasure chest of knowledge and experiences waiting to be unlocked. This year, they extended their programming, ensuring year-round fun for the community. Here are some of the recent gems they’ve offered:

A Riverboat Captain’s Tale: Tom Struve’s Riveting Talk

Picture this: a crowd of about 150 residents gathered at the Renaissance Theater. They were there to listen to Tom Struve, a former boat captain on the Mississippi River, share his incredible career journey. The verdict? The audience loved it! They found Tom’s talk both informative and, well, downright interesting. This is LLL in action, bringing fascinating real-world stories to your doorstep.

Unveiling the Secrets of Magic: Bruce Kundin’s Enchanting Class

Bruce Kundin hosted a sold-out class on the art of mentalism and magic. For two thrilling hours, participants delved into the mysteries behind these captivating arts. But it wasn’t just about secrets; Bruce handed out new magic tricks, materials, and even notes for extra practice. It was an opportunity to not just learn but also to wow an audience. Abracadabra!

A Hollywood Insider: Rick Connelly’s Stories

Rick Connelly, son of Joe Connelly, the genius behind “Leave It to Beaver,” took the stage for a night to remember. Rick shared his experiences growing up in the entertainment business, giving us a glimpse behind the Hollywood curtain. Did you know that Rick inspired the Beaver character, and his older brother Jay served as the inspiration for Wally? Rick’s anecdotes provided an exclusive peek into TV history.

What Lies Ahead: The 2023-24 Season

As the extended season drew to a close, LLL volunteers wasted no time in preparing a fantastic lineup for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Accordingly, brace yourselves for an exciting mix of trips, classes, and speakers, promising to keep the PebbleCreek community engaged and enlightened.

Join the Fun

Most LLL classes and lectures take place live in the LifeLong Learning Center and the Tuscany Falls Renaissance Theater. Curious about participating or want more details on tickets, costs, and availability? Then, head over to the official LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek website at

Contributions by Patricia Ingalls

About LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek

LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek is powered by passionate volunteers who are on a mission to expand the horizons of the community’s residents. Furthermore, their goal is to offer programs that spark curiosity, encourage exploration, and keep those mental gears turning. PebbleCreek, located in Goodyear within the Phoenix area, is a Robson Resort Community dedicated to 55+ resort living. Here, you can pursue your passions, discover new interests, and revel in retirement freedom, with over 100 clubs, classes, and organizations to choose from. LifeLong Learning is just one of the many ways you can embrace the lifestyle you truly deserve. Contact us or visit today to discover more about the enriching experiences that await you at PebbleCreek.

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