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Quail Creek Fitness Amenities at Anza Athletic Club - 55+ living in Green Valley Arizona

Quail Creek’s Anza Athletic Club Class Descriptions

Active 55+ living abounds at Quail Creek in Green Valley. At the Anza Athletic Club, homeowners have a multitude of classes to choose from for enjoying an active retirement lifestyle. Take a look below at the Anza Athletic Club class descriptions to learn more about available activities.

Quail Creek retirement community for active adults in the Green Valley area of southern Arizona

Anza Athletic Club Class Descriptions

Gain physical, psychological, and emotional benefits, including breathing, relaxation, power, stretching, and self-defense in this progressive class. Class limit 24.

Classic Movement
This workout consists of a warm-up, 20 minutes of low-impact aerobics set to music, and 20 minutes of muscle toning using hand weights and/or stretch resistance bands, followed by stretch and relaxation. Chairs can be used if desired. Class limit 24.

Gentle Yoga
Experience a slower-paced Hatha yoga practice. Not intense or strenuous on the body. The session is followed by a guided musical journey into deep relaxation. Class limit 24.

High-intensity interval training: 35- to 45-minute class focusing on a full range of activities that will tone and provide a great cardio workout. Class limit 16.

Low–Impact Tabata
Low-impact Tabata consists of 20 seconds of moderate- to high-intensity, followed by a 10-second break. There are 8 sets in a Tabata. After a set is complete, a 30-second break follows with a cool-down stretch and relaxation. Class limit 24.

Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates involves performing Pilates exercises on the floor using a Pilates or yoga mat. As a result, this employs controlled breathing during body weight-restricted movement to build core strength. Class limit 24.

Men’s Yoga
Yes, real men do yoga! Participants will safely learn and practice various poses that will stretch tight muscles and improve alignment, balance, and strength. Perfect for golfers, pickleball players, and anyone looking to improve mobility. 40- to 45-minute class. Class limit 20.

Pound® Fit
Pound® fitness is perfect for letting loose, toning up, and rockin’ out! This class is easily modified for all ages and abilities. It is a mix of drumming and fitness … exercise in disguise! Bring a yoga mat. Class Limit 24.

Senior Balance
Target audience: Senior adults 60 and older who are ambulatory, concerned about falling, and interested in improving flexibility, balance, and strength. Learn to improve strength, coordination, and balance. 45- to 50-minute class. Class limit 12.

Zumba is a fun interval workout where classes move between moderate and low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance. The class has easy-to-follow dance moves with Latin and contemporary rhythms. All fitness levels are welcome. Class limit 24.

Zumba Toning
Tone all target zones and have a blast dancing to fun rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats during the cardio portion of the class. Use 2- to 7-pound weights for the stationary portion of the class. Designed to tone, enhance, and increase muscle endurance. Class limit 24.

In addition to wellness and fitness activities, Quail Creek offers many clubs, classes, and organizations to Live Life Inspired. Learn more today about the abundant clubs and activities at Quail Creek, a 55+ active adult community.

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