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Riders Enjoy the Foothills of the Superstition Mountains

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Horseback Riding Group enjoyed a beautiful morning on a ride down the Tanque Verde in Tucson. Two separate groups rode at separate times to give plenty of social distance. After meeting at the trailhead, the groups entered the wide trail that allowed the horses to spread out and riders could enjoy riding next to friends and chatting.

The group encountered a number of other riders on the trail this time, who were also out to enjoy the great weather. In one spot, those with an interest were allowed to take their horses up to a fast trot or canter for a short distance. A few of the participants did take up the opportunity, although most were content to continue to enjoy the scenery at a walk. There were some nice areas with shady trees to rest the horses. The ride took the group past a golf course, but otherwise it was natural vegetation.

SaddleBrooke Ranch Horseback Riding Group

In November, the group rode at Donnelly’s D Spur in Apache Junction in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. That is always a popular venue with the group. The stable had just gotten the majority of their horses back from dude ranches up in Montana, where the horses work during the summer season. The various turns in the trail gave beautiful mountain views over a backdrop of many saguaro cacti. The desert landscape was starting to wind down into winter.  The wrangler who accompanied the group said that they would soon do a “round up” of the cattle they run on 5,600 acres of State Trust land which they rent for the cattle each year.

The group normally does their December ride at Old Tucson, but that facility is in the reopening process and under new management. It appears likely the December ride will be at a new location.

SaddleBrooke Ranch residents that are interested in the group’s activities go to the SaddleBrooke HOA website and click the link for Things to do – Clubs. In the middle column, click the link to the Horseback Riding Group. Click the link under the secretary information for Rebecca Williams. There you will see a web page about the group’s activities and can see the Read News section for upcoming rides. If you would like to participate, simply click on the link at the bottom left under Contact Us, give your name, the ride you want to join, and the time if there is a choice. The secretary, Rebecca Williams, will get back to you with a confirmation and can help with any questions you may have. You can participate as often as you choose. All rides last one hour at a walking pace, just to enjoy the scenery.

Written by: Rebecca Williams

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