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Robson Ranch Texas Fishing Club Fish Fry

Catfish from Lake Tawakoni. Striper from Lake Texoma. Sand bass and crappie from Lake Ray Roberts. Red and black drum from the Texas Gulf Coast. With the fish prepared, side dishes planned, and the oil ready for propane heaters—it must be the Robson Ranch Texas Fishing Club Fish Fry.Texas 55 community activities

No one knows who the first person was to say, “Let’s set up some tables, get some oil really hot, and fry up about a zillion fish.” With all the great-tasting fish the club caught, the fish fry is a great time to bring friends and neighbors together to bond over deep-fried deliciousness, create special memories and, of course, embellish many fish stories.

What makes this fish fry great? That depends on how you like your fish fried. Regardless of whoever is frying it up, a common ingredient is the super-confidential secrets for everything from the batter to oil temperature and, above all, seasonings. Each cook’s blend of seasonings is passed down in what are assumed super-secret fish fry meetings, where they wear special fish hats and repeat chants about Zatarain’s and Old Bay.

Everyone pitched in to churn out the crispy, fried fish fillets, double-fried French fries, creamy coleslaw, sweet and tangy baked beans, and scrumptious desserts, all washed down with cold beer and peach iced tea. It was an enviable feast and an evening of bragging rights, each sportsman reliving how they wrestled the biggest catch from the waters.

About the Robson Ranch Texas Fishing Club

The Robson Ranch Fishing Club is the place for fishing, frying and fun; where there are always opportunities to cast a line and enjoy good company. The club is the keepers of the best hangouts where the fish are hitting. Homeowners are invited to come fishing with the club to discover the hot spots. Fair to say, what happens at fish club stays at fish club. However, when asked to spin our best fishing tales, we’ll be happy to pull out our phones filled with photos.

The club is low-tech, with no website or social media campaign to drum up new members—it’s just word of mouth. Members come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: they all love fishing. The club forges connections over retirement life stories, shared hobbies, and, of course, the fresh catch of the day. The club hosts monthly meetings, fish fries, and regular excursions in search of the big one.

Angling to join the Robson Ranch Texas Fishing Club and set your hooks in 2022? The club meets each month at the Wildhorse Grill Boardroom and welcomes new members.

Written by: Scott Baker

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