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Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club: Why We Ride

Robson Ranch Texas Motorcycle Club: Why We Ride

Motorcycling is a unique yet ubiquitous endeavor. We see them while we are driving on the road, while we are out and about doing errands, and in just about all situations we encounter daily. There’s a reason why the Robson Ranch Texas Motorcycle Club member love to ride.

History of Motorcycling

Motorcycling became a desirable mode of transportation and a lifestyle among some returning World War II veterans. It provided a pathway to reintegrate into a society that had changed and was continuing to do so. In our youth, we were imprinted with images from The Wild One of Johnny (Marlon Brando) and Chino (Lee Marvin) rolling into town to raise hell and conduct a reign of terror.

Through the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, motorcycling warmed its way into the fabric of our culture. Honda’s Super Cub (You Meet the Nicest People On A Honda) was a fun and affordable way to ride. Michael Parks as Jim Bronson (Then Came Bronson) gave us wanderlust, reinforced by Easy Rider. James Brolin as Dr. Steven Kiley on the television show Marcus Welby, M.D. went a long way toward normalizing motorcycling. If kindly Father Knows Best could send him to your home for a visit, it surely was an okay thing to do.

Over the past 20 years, the proliferation of mopeds, minibikes, scooters, and the like has also increased the total number of cycles on the road. This took a sharp increase during the recession years of 2008-2011, with commuters looking for a way to deal with $4-per-gallon gas. During the pandemic, many were looking for a way to mitigate the isolation and loneliness of having to avoid being up close and personal with others. This new habit stuck and became integrated into their lifestyles.

Newer on the scene are the electric bicycles. We see more of them tooling around the Ranch, taking the hills and inclines of Robson more graciously than they could on bicycles.

Everyone Has a Motorcycle Story

Most everyone has a motorcycle story. It was great hearing them recently at the Robson Ranch Texas Motorcycle Club Open House. Ron Bane, Scott Baker, Mike Conley, and Stan Brein held down the table as we greeted old friends and new residents. It was amazing to find out how many folks at Robson have ridden motorcycles at one time or another. People I have known for a while told tales about the bikes they have had or have ridden, why they started, and what caused them to move on. It was interesting that all of the stories were told with glints in their eyes, even the stories that ended with a spill. Listening to the tales made the time at the table fascinating and fun. If you didn’t get to stop by the table, come tell us your story anyway. Maybe our paths crossed on the road back then.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers, and keep the rubber side down.

Written by: Stan Brein

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