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SaddleBrooke Hiking Club Visits the Wilderness of Rocks

Recently, 11 members of the Hiking Club at SaddleBrooke, a Robson Resort Community, decided to get out of the Sonoran Desert heat and head up to the cool Mount Lemmon wilderness. The SaddleBrooke hikers visited the Wilderness of Rocks trail. The group started the 7.2-mile hike at the top of Mount Lemmon where it was a cool 65 degrees. Then, they took the Marshall Gulch trail, which immersed them in a dense pine/fir forest.

When they reached the end of the Marshall Gulch trail, they linked up with the Wilderness of the Rocks trail. This challenging path offers picturesque rock formations and a natural sculpture gallery. They could see the artworks of wind and water from a number of different perspectives. The variety of shapes and the arrangement of the boulders were simply amazing.

They paused in the midst of the rock sculptures and had a nice, leisurely lunch. Afterward, they turned around and headed back. This time, though, they took the alternate Aspen trail. There, they were surrounded by beautiful aspen trees and wildflowers. The Aspen trail led to their cars, where the hike ended and the temperature was 74 degrees.

Finally, they headed back down the mountain and back to SaddleBrooke where the thermometer read 102 degrees when they pulled into the parking lot. To find an escape from the heat, Mount Lemmon is the place to go!

Hikers were Kaori Hashimoto, Melia Knecht, Marc Humphrey, Bertie Litchfield, Ruth Leman, Maria Spencer, Dale Leman, Dianne Ashby, Maria Szentiramai, Missy Rodey, and leader Jeff Love.

Written by: Marc Humphrey

About the SaddleBrooke Hiking Club

The SaddleBrooke Hiking Club has six hundred energetic, enthusiastic members whose passion is hiking the Sonoran Desert, grand canyons, gentle hills, and magnificent mountains of Southern Arizona. Although the club gathers periodically for social hours, picnics, and trail work days, the main activity and focus is hiking in Arizona.

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