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SaddleBrooke Ranch “Rancheros Square Dance Club” Lessons

If you can walk, you can square dance. Square dancing has changed and is now, more fun than ever before! The SaddleBrooke Ranch Rancheros Square Dance Club dances with the sister club, SaddleBrooke Squares. The club dances to all types of music, no longer just country music. Our live callers use multiple genres from Rock to Broadway. Special attire is not required—come casual, wear western clothing or square dance attire. There are no routines or fancy dance steps to memorize, just walk to the music as the caller tells you what steps to do—you don’t even need to have rhythm. The club offers square dance lessons where you will learn some basic moves and be off to a sometimes challenging, but always surprisingly fun, time.

Easy way to make new friends

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Rancheros Square Dance Club welcomes both couples and singles. In your square of eight dancers, you are constantly meeting and changing partners. Each square varies throughout the evening based on our unique computerized system. That helps ensure you meet many new friends. No partner is required. In fact, you only dance with your partner about 25 percent of the time in any case! You will be interacting with the other six people in your square most of the time.

Dance for the health of it

Square dancing is a perfect exercise for active adults as well as seniors because it may lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, improve memory skills, and offers low-impact cardiovascular conditioning. In addition, it helps you get those steps!

More than just a dance club

Along with the Sunday evening square dances, club social events are also scheduled. These events may include comedy shows, pool parties, bocce ball games, potluck dinners, magic shows, and trips to such places as Duval Sierrita Copper Mine, community theaters, and plays. All are great ways to make new friends!


SaddleBrooke Ranch homeowners are welcome to try a dance lesson for free. The lessons are held together with the SaddleBrooke Squares at the SaddleBrooke TWO MountainView Ballroom in SaddleBrooke.

Written by: Carol Hays and Rebecca Williams

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