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Quail Creek Wheelchair Tennis

Wheels and Racket: Wheelchair Tennis at Quail Creek

Wheelchair tennis at Quail Creek is more than just wheels and rackets. It is all about dynamic movement, on-point positioning, and serious racket skills. Recently, four wheelchair players showcased their prowess at Quail Creek’s tennis facility in Green Valley. The event was organized by Victor Vaughn, a member of the QC Tennis Club, a leading proponent of wheelchair tennis, and a skilled wheelchair player himself. Victor Vaughn, a member of the QC Tennis Club is a leading proponent of wheelchair tennis. He not only organized the event, but he is a skilled wheelchair player himself. A group of his colleagues joined him on the courts for some exciting competition, and many members of the club enjoyed it. The players included Sue Kroeger, Steve O’Brien, and Adam Finney, all from the Tucson area.

History and Growth of Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis, originating in the 1970s as an adaptation of traditional tennis for individuals with mobility impairments, has witnessed remarkable growth. From its humble beginnings to its inclusion in prestigious events like the Paralympic Games, the sport offers numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. Also, its adaptability promotes inclusivity and diversity within the tennis community, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

Anticipation for Future Matches at Quail Creek

The Quail Creek Tennis Club eagerly anticipates their next match, which will feature innovative “run and roll” play, pairing a wheelchair player with a Tennis Club member. Furthermore, this inclusive approach reflects the club's commitment to embracing diverse abilities and fostering a welcoming environment for all.

About Quail Creek

Surrounded by the Santa Rita mountains in Green Valley, Quail Creek invites you to explore our new homes for sale. This 55+ active adult community offers an array of recreational activities that encourage connections among its residents. From tennis and golf to swimming and Pickleball, there's something for everyone seeking an active lifestyle. Quail Creek provides the perfect backdrop for residents to engage in their favorite pastimes while meeting new people and nurturing a strong sense of community spirit. Come visit us or call 888-648-0332 and experience the resort lifestyle at Quail Creek!

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