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Robson Ranch Arizona RC Club Facility Improvements & Winter Season Championship Results

If you haven’t visited the Robson Ranch Arizona Radio Control Club’s facilities in the last few months, you will be amazed at all the improvements that have taken place, particularly the racetracks.

The club facility includes:

  • 2 airfields
  • 2 dirt racetracks (banked oval and off-road course)
  • Shaded pit areas for flyers and drivers to work
  • Shaded areas for spectators
  • A large gravel parking lot for vehicles and golf carts
  • And more

Thanks to the construction talents and oversight of Ken Fosnight and his army of volunteers, the grounds (located just north of the canal along the north access road to Robson Ranch Arizona) have become much more attractive and user-friendly for club members and visitors alike.RC Club at Robson Ranch AZ Retirement Community, Eloy Arizona

The upgrades primarily are for added safety. The gravel berms surrounding both tracks have been widened and strengthened, allowing greater space for participants in the racing events. The new designs also now allow for handicap access.

The tracks are now neatly surrounded by attractive wooden and wire fencing that help keep wayward trucks from crashing beyond the berm areas, especially in the turns.

The addition of many new racers also demanded additional pit tables, also designed and built by Ken with the help of others. Each Tuesday and Thursday, 30+ club members compete within the various classes, so the pit area becomes quite crowded.

2021/2022 Winter Season Championship Results

The 2021/2022 winter racing season has ended for the Robson Ranch Arizona Radio Control Club and proved to be another huge success! Compared to the previous year, the club participant count increased from 36 to 53 total competitors across six classes. Additionally, the club had larger numbers of spectators at the Tuesday and Thursday morning events. See the Winter Season Championship results posted in the latest Robson Ranch Views community newspaper here.

About the Robson Ranch Arizona RC Club

Racers use a one-tenth scale off-road, two-wheel-drive truck. Four skill classes are available: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. Additionally, the Robson Ranch Arizona RC Club offers a four-wheel-drive class and an open class, where anyone can compete using vehicles that don’t meet the usual requirements.

Competitions are managed with a very accurate electronic, computer-controlled timing system. The club has two racing seasons, winter and summer, with class awards presented at the end of each season. In this current winter season, we present the colors at 9:15 a.m., followed by the first race at 9:30 a.m.

Members are provided with codes to open the gates to the facility, allowing for virtually unlimited access for practice.

Along with new members, the spectator count each race day is expanding. Most often, a number of our pilot members are exhibiting their flying skills at the same time as the races, so there’s something for everyone!

Written by: Bob Kehoe

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