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SaddleBrooke Ranch’s Dinking Divas Shine

The idyllic 55+ community of SaddleBrooke Ranch, nestled just north of Tucson in Oracle, was abuzz with activity recently. The sun blazed relentlessly in the sky with record-setting temperatures, but SaddleBrooke Ranch’s Dinking Divas shine even brighter as they embarked on a noble mission. Their goal was to organize a pet food drive for local rescued animals.

A Thank You

The Dinking Divas, known for their enthusiasm on and off the Pickleball courts, extend their gratitude to the generous residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch who came together to support their pet food drive. The outpouring of support was truly heartwarming, and the Divas were overwhelmed by the response. Residents rallied together to donate to the cause, dropping off bags and cans of dry and wet cat and dog food, as well as treats, bedding, and various pet supplies. It was a testament to the caring nature of the community, and the Divas couldn’t be more thankful. Their message was clear: “The Divas love you!”

Beyond the Courts

The day began with a few hours of spirited pickleball play amongst the Divas. But the Dinking Divas shine beyond the pickleball courts. Their dedication and hard work were crucial in making events like the pet food drive a reality.

Impressive Results

The results of the pet food drive were nothing short of remarkable, with almost 1000 items donated to Oracle Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (OARR). Among the donations were 200 cans of cat food and 210 cans of dog food. Additionally, there were 287 pounds of dry cat food and an astonishing 710 pounds of dog food. These contributions would undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of rescued animals in need.

Community Champions

The Dinking Divas extend their heartfelt thanks to Douglas Sedam and Lynn Baker, the dedicated owners of SBRanch Realty, for their unwavering commitment to the SaddleBrooke Ranch community. Their generous contribution was pivotal to the success of the pet food drive. Lynn lent their “open house” signs to promote the event, and these signs featured vibrant red arrows. They played a crucial role in effectively spreading the word as the Divas strategically placed them throughout the community 24 hours in advance.

A Heartwarming Reminder

In conclusion, the Dinking Divas and the entire SaddleBrooke Ranch community displayed remarkable unity and compassion during the pet food drive. Their dedication generated an outpouring of donations, improving the lives of rescued animals in Oracle. Despite the scorching heat, the enduring spirit of community unity is a heartwarming reminder that SaddleBrooke Ranch is an exceptional place to call home.

SaddleBrooke Ranch Dinking Divas organized a Pet Food Drive

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